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Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program

The Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) educates, counsels and empowers older adults and individuals with disabilities, to make informed health benefit decisions. We have trained professionals on staff who specialize in Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Programs (MMAP).  Our highly qualified COA MMAP counselors assist Medicare beneficiaries in making non-bias health & prescription plan decisions while getting the maximum benefit from Medicare.


This year, our MMAP counselors met with over 100 people to review their health & prescription plans.  About a third of the people were able to find a better plan, with the average person saving over $1,000 with their new plan.  One person saved over $4,300.


In addition to MMAP Counseling, there are many resources available to those 60+ but it is not always easy to find out where to turn or who can help. The Cass County COA has on-staff MMAP counselors who can make referrals, provide guidance and help you gain access to outside agencies.




MMAP Counseling Contact Information

Call (269) 445-8110 and ask to speak to an MMAP Options Counselor in the Care Services Department