Adult Day Service

The Cass County COA Lowe Center is proud of its beautiful, fully equipped Adult Day Service (ADS). Caregiving for a loved one who lives with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia requires constant attention and effort to provide safety, nutrition and continued involvement in daily activities.


Caregivers place their own lives on hold to provide care. This can be overwhelming. There are many who need a place where their loved one can be safe and secure. 


Our Adult Day Service program can provide caregivers with a needed break while giving older adults a chance to socialize with their peers and remedy the isolation and loneliness many experience.


The Cass County COA’s Adult Day Service offers a homelike environment. In many cases transportation can be arranged to and from our program site at the Lowe Center in Cassopolis. Those in our care engage in a variety of activities that are designed to stimulate cognitive and social capabilities. A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served in an atmosphere geared to person-centered care plans.


 As a caregiver, do you need an opportunity to run errands or just relax? COA can provide this service for you and your loved one.




For information on Adult Day Service, please contact our Care Services Department: or call (269) 445-8110 or (800) 323-0390 and ask for Cindy Ledger, R.N., Care Services Team Leader