Vaccine Update from the Health Department...

COVID-19 Vaccine supply is currently very limited. Given the high demand and low supply, vaccines are not available for everyone yet.  Complete this form and the Heath Department will notify you when they are able to schedule you for COVID-19 vaccination.



Coronavirus Update at the COA...

Some programs are open and some are still on-hold. Click here to see what programs and activities have reopened.

Click here to learn how you can still get nutritious meals during Coronavirus


Trips & Travel

Come Travel with the Cass County COA!

  • COMPANIONSHIP - Friends with similar interests travel well together. This is a great opportunity to make new friends! Like-minded people choose similar tour and travel experiences.
  • EDUCATION - Travelers learn history, geography, culture and much more from Travel Leaders,  and each other while on tour.
  • SECURITY - Travelers feel secure in groups and are confident with a Travel Leader who knows the destination.
  • FUN - Groups provide a fun atmosphere, and there is always someone to talk to and share the experience.
  • CONVENIENCE - Most of the trip details, transportation, and attractions are already taken care of in advance.
  • VALUE - Cost is spread out over the entire group, to provide the best value possible.
  • EXCITING DESTINATIONS - A wide variety of destinations are offered, as well as different trip lengths and styles. Trips range from inexpensive local minibus affairs to one-day cultural events, sports, entertainment, special interest and seasonal outings


If you would like more about our trips, please contact Leslie Vargo at the Cass County COA. Call (269) 445-8110 or email